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VERY tight students?
« on: September 12, 2017, 07:07:37 pm »
Hi Daniel,
Well, as a newly certified KST instructor, I just taught my first class to 25 college students! It went very well I must say. I took them through all 12 of the forward bending exercises, which took a little over an hour with questions and giving help, etc. I had them stand and roll down the spine in parallel position to assess their "stone cold" flexibility at 10am on a Monday, Lol! I had them really think and feel their body in this stretch and try to remember/"measure" where they were at the beginning of class. Then we did the exercises and went into the same forward folding position to see if they felt and made measurable progress. They DID, and were very enthusiastic. I asked them to also see if they kept the newly found flexibility--so I will see next week!
I have two men in the class who are tall/slightly stocky, and VERY tight. One also has trouble distinguishing one thing from another (ie, goes the wrong way, does not see detail). I am particulary wondering how to approach Esteem. The half straddle position had a few folks uncomfortable: some with sitting on their one ankle (even with mat folded double/triple), and also just trying to fold forward at all from the start position. (head goes down but cannot move from hips at all).
Can you provide any suggestions? Sit on yoga block somehow? a low stool (which I have), skip it altogether?

Same guy also has trouble reaching his ankle/foot for Appeal and Harmony. Suggestions?