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Hi, as I already introduced me I am from Brazil, and my question is regarding how can I use the exercises. I have been using a few exercises with my clients in my dance and pilates classes and they are asking me to record a video (in Portuguese of course) showing how to do it, similar with the free class video that we were given here, with a warm up, a video class.

So my question is, once I finish this certification, am I allowed to do this? Is there any problem if I reproduce this as a video?

Daniel Tkach:
Hi Evelyn! Welcome again! I just replied to your introduction.

You are not allowed to record like that, this is breaking copyrights, and it's a severe infraction which hurts the company badly. If someone wants to learn they should either go to your class or learn from you via video conference, but not video recordings.

The free class video is by no means free, it's a commercial product that we provide to instructors included with the price of the certification course, and those are protected by copyright laws as stated at the beginning of each video, fines included. The Kinesiological Stretching and Zaichik Stretching techniques are also patented.

The course grants you permission to teach live lessons branding appropriately, but NOT to record, by no means whatsoever.
Thank you Daniel,

I understand and agree!! Just wanted to confirm, as my clients keep ansking me! So now I can show them why I am not doing it! Thank you for your attention.


Daniel Tkach:
Haha! Thank you Evelyn. Besides, if you give them everything away, they won't need to come to your class. So also be smart and teach them step by step, and charge good money for each lesson, this is unique and they won't find it anywhere else. The only way for regular people is to learn from a video like you are doing with your own effort. So they have the chance of having an instructor who knows her stuff, so they should pay accordingly.

People usually want to get everything free, everything quick, everything without making the effort. Let them do the effort in time, and money, and value all the knowledge you have :)


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