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Daniel Tkach:
Hello everyone! Welcome to the EasyFlexibility Forum!
Please introduce yourselves here as you get registered.

My name's Daniel, I'm a Certified ElasticSteel and EasyFlexibility instructor. I've been practicing Kinesiological Stretching since its beginnings even before it was released to the public. Paul taught me these great techniques to help me achieve a full butterfly and full splits.

ElasticSteel training has been my passion since I bought the "Transform Your Body Into ElasticSteel" Splits and Kicks training book in 2005. My dream was to become a flexibility and martial arts training instructor. I was at a job I did not like, I wanted to achieve a high athletic and flexibility level in order to have authority to teach. I believe one teaches more by example than anything else. Thanks to Paul and his Method my dream became a reality and I'm now fully devoted to training and teaching martial artists, dancers and athletes in general to acquire Flexibility, Strength and Balance through ElasticSteel and Kinesiological Stretching.

Iím sure youíll enjoy the course and that youíll have a few questions. Feel free to post them in a New Topic. Iíll be there to do my best to help you out and achieve your flexibility goals.


I tripped over Paul's work when looking for body weight exercises for my son, who is a freshman at A&M. I first got the squat DVD and from there, starting ask Dan questions. Now I am here because I want to understand why this works.

I'm about to turn 60, with large amounts of damage to joints and muscles from years of martial arts, bike accidents, etc. I'm a chemist by training, and work mostly with the business end of material science this days.


Daniel Tkach:
Hi Kevin, it's nice to see you here.
Keep us posted on what you are learning. The best way to learn the exercises is to watch the video, read the notes but most importantly practise them, feeling in your own muscles and joints.

Hopefully the rest will introduce themselves soon.

Hello forum,

My name is Van. Very impressed with the seminar. Will have questions soon.

Daniel Tkach:
Welcome Van. Paul's work is very impressive indeed.
Feel free to ask as much as you need.


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