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Daniel Tkach:
Hello everyone.
The idea of this topic is that you ask each other questions to help you learn the method, and of course to be able to do the test in the blink of an eye when it comes the time.

To begin with, is there anything that it's not quite clear?

Alright I'll ask two questions to start, mostly you are expected to ask from now on, simple and straightforward questions such as "what are the focus muscles of the ~Compassion~ system? You'll ask the kind of questions you easily find the answer for on the handouts or on the videos. For questions you don't know the answer to just start another topic.

You can answer the question about the ~Compassion~ system and the next one. How would you improve your hip abduction?

rhomboids major

Quite a few of the back bending but Integrity feels to me like it hits it hardest.

Daniel Tkach:
~Compassion~ targets the rhomboids major, that's correct.

Yes, ~Integrity~ hits adductors, which adductors?

What are other adductor systems?

You asked for hip adductors, no?  On us old stiff guys, I feel it in Intergity and it works Adductor brevis, longus and magnus. I translate that as ouch.   According to the sheets Certainty targets them - the pectineus - but honestly it just kinda hurts in general and makes me fall over a lot.   :-\

Daniel Tkach:
Feel free to use any props for balance, a chair will work.

~Certainty~ may make your rectus femoris (quads) hurt, if so practice ~Clarity~ for some time before attempting ~Certainty~. Yes you need clarity to have certainty haha! it may even apply in "real life" by the exercises names, which are not arbitrary of course.

In your case don't flex your knee too much if that hurts on the knee, and in general don't do anything that makes you hurt. With time you'll learn what pain is good as if something is getting fixed, or bad pain when there's a potential injury.

A good thing to try if muscles hurt when appying the leverage is isometrics, tense the muscles you are stretching for 12 seconds before going into the leverage. Also the moves do not need to be deep, you may move one degree and that still works, since you'll be accumulating and going deeper with every repetition.

You are all forgetting to ask a question  :D please do so, let's keep the knowledge flowing!


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