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I found the same thing happen to me, although at the moment the pain is gone, I wonder why this has happened?
Any ideas?
I have a really sharp pain on the side of my leg when I abduct my leg. I also have pain in hip flexor area when I bring my knee to my chest. I have been to many Physical therapists and doctors about this and no one seems to be able to tell me what my problem is exactly. Im doing all the stretces in the hip flexor combo package 3 times a week. Im getting more flexible but the pain is stil there. Does anyone have any idea what my problem could be.
Anybody want to help? THanks!
Kinesiological Stretching Technique Seminar Discussion / Cracking joints
« Last post by Alejandra Ayala on March 20, 2017, 11:51:25 am »
Now that I am a little more flexible, my hips, ankles, wrists and knees crack, is this normal? this happens all the time, albeit, more so when I work out and stretch.

I would appreciate an answer to my questions. Thanks!
I am having a lot of difficulties with my adductors and whenever I try any of the forward bending systems, such as ~Respect, Equilibrium, Reverence, Esteem~ My mid and lower back seem to round too much, I have tried relieving through the ~Stability and Awareness~ but the issue seems to be in latissimus dorsi, is there any other exercise besides ~Certitude~ that can relieve this area? or am I just missing something? Thanks in Advance!
Starting classes today. Will gladly be available once completed.
Hi I've completed and passed  but was wondering if there a way of being ableist to watch the teaching videos again as the PDF aren't the best at demonstrating the movement
Wow Katherine, that's an awesome introduction. Thank you for sharing that.
I'll be looking forward to more learning experiences and everything you can share from now on.

Remember you can create new topics if you have any questions.

Welcome to the course, enjoy.

My name is Katherine Jaconello....home is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been fascinated with training the body since the age of 6 when I found my Dad's WWII fitness manual at home. That was in 1956. It's my purpose in life. I have had a very active life playing, doing gymnastics in school, swimming in the Moa river between Sierra Leone and Guinea when I was living in Africa during my 20s. Then I grew up. I got married, got pregnant, had a baby, got pregnant, had a baby, had a house then homeschooled both children for 10 years or more including teaching them to skate - backbreaking work. Then I looked after my Dad until he died and now I am looking after my 95 year old blind, deaf and nearly bed-ridden Mom. My husband is a doctor of functional medicine (also known as orthomolecular medicine which derives from ortho meaning "right molecule). My older son is a successful ballet dancer and my younger son is a senior stylist in a hair salon. When all was said and done, I hurt my back and couldn't walk so I started from scratch to try to recover. I had trainers, ordered books, bought kettlebells and used them, and came upon ElasticSteel on youtube. I found it fascinating that little movements could accomplish so much and the founder was a good example so I ordered some programmes. I ordered a round mat and put it in my kitchen while I cooked dinner and tried the method. For once, something actually worked. My body changed; I could walk better; I was not so exhausted (I used to crawl up the stairs to feed my mother) and now I think I might actually recover. I hope so because I have a boat-access cottage up in northern Ontario and I need to be able to function in order to get there. Here I am taking the journey to get certified, mainly to thoroughly understand the method and be effective for my own self.
Kinesiological Stretching Technique Seminar Discussion / Re: PDF downloads
« Last post by Daniel Tkach on January 24, 2017, 02:28:42 pm »
They are just there in the list of lessons, some are videos, some are PDF.
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