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Hi My Name is Cori and I am a Pole Instructor. I am a certified group trainer and am working on my Personal Training certification right now as well.  As Barbara has mentioned, being in Aerial Arts of various types and degree's flexibility becomes a big thing. I have a lot to learn when it comes to the body and was hoping to gain some insite and usable knowledge here!

I am watching the first video and am very distracted by the music playing. It is already challenging enough to understand the instructor at times but then to try and listen over the background music adds to the challenge. Oh well. Hopefully it will be different in other videos or maybe there is a way to turn it off....
Nevermind i figured it out.
on the downloads, we cannot print them all at once then?
Hi everyone!

My name is Barbara, and I am an instructor for aerial hoop, yoga inversions, adult gymnastics (I was a competitive gymnast when I was younger), and flexibility. I came across EF maybe a year or so ago and bought a handful of various videos to both help myself and my students. I'm also a certified personal trainer and have learned a little bit about flexibility training through conferences and whatnot along the way. But as I've been teaching more flexibility classes, I found there are many times that I wanted more knowledge and techniques to especially help those students who are super tight and those students who are already fairly advanced and need more/new techniques. So, this is why I signed up to do the certification program here!

I'm very much looking forward to learning as much as I can!
Trigger point release, massage with stiff balls, plus the good old contract-relax technique, done in Zaichik stretching positions and movements, that's the most powerful thing you can get.
If this doesn't work, those guys are not human.

This is such great info! I am loving learning more and more about this methodology--I wish I had more time to devote to it. I will see if I can start using the strength agains the stretching to see if anyone can feel the difference. We do a little PNF and other general body weight strengthening exercises, but I think I need to incorporate the ELC program
Keep ya posted!
PS Pics coming, and I will look into the stretch 180 app. I do have Iphone!
Thank you Daniel. I need to think about your reply and how to work with these students. Happily, everyone else is seeing good progress....
I do have the ELC information but have not implemented any of it yet. I think I had better get to it!
Hello, My name is Gaye and I have always loved dancing and recently started to focus on ballet (for adults). I really would like to increase my flexibility and understanding of the muscles.  I think I found EF about two or three years ago just simply by googling flexibility.  I have bought the splits program, and have watched it several times, although I haven’t followed through with the repitition.  I recently purchased the certification program so that I could understand all the muscle groups and the theory for stretching.  I’m not a ‘youngster’ anymore and believe it’s even more important now to stretch in the safest way possible.

I would love to be able to teach flexibility as a class someday. HMMMMM maybe if other fellow students see my improvement in class, I can be an advocate of EasyFlexibility and maybe teach as well. We shall see!!  I just know I want to improve my dance skills.
Hi my name isn't Abigail and I'm a yoga instructor. I found Easy Flexibity one day when I was searching for tips to do the split. I've done the splits combo and the techniques are great for hip opening and releasing tight muscles to facilitate going into a split. The explanations were very informative. I decided to do the training g because I can definitely see the progress I've made and some of my clients can see immediate results when I use techniques in class.
I'm here to learn more about the kinesiological approach to stretching. Excited to begin this journey

Goodnight. I am Vladimir Ceballos, I live in Colombia most of the year, when I do not stay in Colombia I live in L.A. I am a software technician, I work in the pathology area of ​​the University of Valle, and I am interested in developing knowledge of kinesiological stretching since it has helped me with the recovery of a shoulder injury type SLAT III, and my interest is to give funcinality to what you learn at this event. Paul Thank you for your dedication to designing and developing this method.
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