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Hi Daniel,
Well, as a newly certified KST instructor, I just taught my first class to 25 college students! It went very well I must say. I took them through all 12 of the forward bending exercises, which took a little over an hour with questions and giving help, etc. I had them stand and roll down the spine in parallel position to assess their "stone cold" flexibility at 10am on a Monday, Lol! I had them really think and feel their body in this stretch and try to remember/"measure" where they were at the beginning of class. Then we did the exercises and went into the same forward folding position to see if they felt and made measurable progress. They DID, and were very enthusiastic. I asked them to also see if they kept the newly found flexibility--so I will see next week!
I have two men in the class who are tall/slightly stocky, and VERY tight. One also has trouble distinguishing one thing from another (ie, goes the wrong way, does not see detail). I am particulary wondering how to approach Esteem. The half straddle position had a few folks uncomfortable: some with sitting on their one ankle (even with mat folded double/triple), and also just trying to fold forward at all from the start position. (head goes down but cannot move from hips at all).
Can you provide any suggestions? Sit on yoga block somehow? a low stool (which I have), skip it altogether?

Same guy also has trouble reaching his ankle/foot for Appeal and Harmony. Suggestions?
So I love this technique and use it myself, but I'm struggling with how to introduce it in my dance classes, especially with younger students and recreational students. I have shorter classes and limited time to spend on stretching so I can't use a 20 minute program every week, especially if I want to take time for students to learn the stretches properly and retain them for work at home. Where do I begin if I can only do a few exercises a week, and gradually build on more? For instance, if we are working on splits, do I just start at the beginning of the program and teach the first few exercises? Do I choose one for each muscle group? What about turnout? Does it matter which exercises we do if we are only doing a few?

Ok, let me reply, I still hope someone else participates.

As with anything else, with stretching you get results according to HOW you practice, and HOW MUCH you practice. So 10 minutes every now and then won't give you results. I'd say the minimum to get good results is 30 minutes three times a week, at a medium intensity, this would be the bare minimum.

You should find a way to combine your other exercises with ZST exercises. And as the ebook explains, ZST work better before other exercises and in between, and it's not meant to be used at the end if your goal is flexibility.

If you need 20 minutes to teach just 1 stretch, then you have to do so, and it will be worth it. Then next time you won't have to explain it all over, and you can add a new one every class, which everyone will learn faster.

So you can implement one stretch at a time, and the first time you do so it's a good idea to explain the principles. If the principles of target and leverage are understood, then you just need to show what the leverage and target for a particular exercise are, and combined with a quick demonstration they should pick it up fairly quickly.

Focus on explaining the principles first. Then implement one stretch per class, and have them do it many times in between the other exercises you teach. Introduce a new one when they are all comfortable with this new weird stretch. Name each stretch appropriately, so next time you say "now let's do Integrity" they will all know what you mean.

For splits the routine must be very specific, and ALL muscles should be worked on flexibility AND STRENGTH, plus the strength of the antagonists. This is demonstrated in the new splits programs, and in high detail in the splits seminar. If there's only one muscle that is tight, this one will prevent a full split, so all muscles must be trained. Same thing for the turnout, many muscles rotate in and out. This transfers to any other skill, a developpe, a side kick, a bridge, etc.

There are some explanations about these topics on our blogs, which are over 50, and they are all free!

Let us know what you think about this above.

No replies :-\ anyone have some ideas you can share?
Kinesiological Stretching Technique Seminar Discussion / Re: Videos
« Last post by Daniel Tkach on September 01, 2017, 02:18:48 pm »
Haha! Thank you Evelyn. Besides, if you give them everything away, they won't need to come to your class. So also be smart and teach them step by step, and charge good money for each lesson, this is unique and they won't find it anywhere else. The only way for regular people is to learn from a video like you are doing with your own effort. So they have the chance of having an instructor who knows her stuff, so they should pay accordingly.

People usually want to get everything free, everything quick, everything without making the effort. Let them do the effort in time, and money, and value all the knowledge you have :)
Kinesiological Stretching Technique Seminar Discussion / Re: Videos
« Last post by on August 31, 2017, 12:35:26 pm »
Thank you Daniel,

I understand and agree!! Just wanted to confirm, as my clients keep ansking me! So now I can show them why I am not doing it! Thank you for your attention.

Kinesiological Stretching Technique Seminar Discussion / Re: Videos
« Last post by Daniel Tkach on August 29, 2017, 12:51:24 pm »
Hi Evelyn! Welcome again! I just replied to your introduction.

You are not allowed to record like that, this is breaking copyrights, and it's a severe infraction which hurts the company badly. If someone wants to learn they should either go to your class or learn from you via video conference, but not video recordings.

The free class video is by no means free, it's a commercial product that we provide to instructors included with the price of the certification course, and those are protected by copyright laws as stated at the beginning of each video, fines included. The Kinesiological Stretching and Zaichik Stretching techniques are also patented.

The course grants you permission to teach live lessons branding appropriately, but NOT to record, by no means whatsoever.

Hi Evelyn and Eva! Welcome aboard.

I see you are both instructors. Do share what you are able to learn by ehem experimenting on them (yes, let's be honest) ha! The first times we are trying this system we are mostly wondering if we are doing it correctly, or if it works, or what they'll think about it and a bunch of other things.
ZST techniques are different from what people are used to, so take your time with each exercise. Some people here asked what they should do since it takes students 20 minutes to learn one exercise. What you should do is take at least 20 minutes if that's what they need. I makes no sense to spend 19 otherwise for them to do it incorrectly, no?

I encourage you to upload your videos of yourself doing the techniques, for testing purposes. We are going to start making this a requirement to pass the certification test, which for now is only written.

Hi everyone,
I'm Eva. I'm a massage therapist from Sydney, Australia, and I'm excited about this program hoping to gain some advanced knowledge about stretching. A lot of my clients are office workers, who sit all day, and I'd love to help them with stretching exercises that work. For myself, I'm looking forward to more flexibility for my yoga practice  :)
Kinesiological Stretching Technique Seminar Discussion / Videos
« Last post by on August 28, 2017, 10:13:51 pm »
Hi, as I already introduced me I am from Brazil, and my question is regarding how can I use the exercises. I have been using a few exercises with my clients in my dance and pilates classes and they are asking me to record a video (in Portuguese of course) showing how to do it, similar with the free class video that we were given here, with a warm up, a video class.

So my question is, once I finish this certification, am I allowed to do this? Is there any problem if I reproduce this as a video?
Hi!! I'm Evelyn, I'm a physiotherapist, pilates and dance teacher from Brazil and I am very excited with this method! I have been struggling with some very tight clients and was looking for something that could help me to improve their flexibility! Happy that I found EF and very pleased that I can participate in this forum and exchange this amount of knolowledge with all of you  :)
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