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Hello everyone,
this is to let you know we'll be using our Facebook group instead of this forum.
Please join us at:

When you join please answer the 3 questions. You must answer the one that asks for email or last order number, if not you won't be accepted. This is to check that you are a customer for EasyFlexibility or ElasticSteel. The group is for customers only.

This forum will most likely be closed soon.
See you around.
Thanks you.

+ Daniel
Hi New Year, New Resolutions! My name is Natalie, I am 23 years old, living in NorCal, from Macau originally. I've graduated from UCD a quarter ago; I was majoring in Economics, but passionate about dance bc it makes me happy and studying is frustrating. Besides studying in College, I dance Ballet, modern dance, contemporary, urban hip hop, and Chinese dance . I would like to be a full-time professional dancer and not to work in economic fields. I hopefully would solve the problem of my flexibility before started my dance journey, so here I am.
Hello all ! New year, new resolutions! I am about to start the certification training. I am 63 year old. Had gymnastics and ballet training in my youth but a series of accidents forced me to stop. Too much pain! I have been practicing some of the EFT program about 2 years ago, with a long 6 month interruption for back surgery a year ago. My big mistake has been to force the stretches, as part of years of bad habits. So, ironically, doing too much is my weak point. am very excited to be part of this online course  ;D
Kinesiological Stretching Technique Seminar Discussion / Re: Liliana Gomez
« Last post by on November 30, 2018, 11:28:05 am »
Hello, Im Liliana Gomez from Mexico, owner of Cimos a sports and wellness center. 
I decided to take this course because working with people I realized that there are different conditions that can be solved just by the correct use of the body, to feel the muscles we are working mixing with the breath, control, etc.
So I want to use this courses to have a bigger knowledge in this area.
Liliana Gomez
Hi, all!  I am hoping to not have to recreate the wheel, if those in-the-know already have something prepared.

I am in need of a blurb explaining the 5 sections of a flexibility session A: so I can advertise and increase the demand for my private classes and B: to explain to my students' parents why it is important that we extend our current 30-minute sessions to 60-minutes each week.  The studio owner worries that parents won't want to spend the additional money, but I know how important it is to get through each section of a session, in order to increase flexibility in the long term.  As it is, trying to get 16 tweens to move quickly from one exercise to the next is s-l-o-w going, but I have to jump around in the class curriculum because I can only fit half of the class into a 30-minute session (even with skipping the warm-ups, since most of them are coming from a ballet class.)

I'm sure this could benefit everyone looking to offer their flexibility classes to others!

I am Chris.  After 15 years of working, lifting, walking outside in land surveying and working another 10 years at a desk, muscles started 'feel' more tightened and 'caged'. Lost quite a bit of flexibility and more frequent back issues. I've always been a 'stretcher'.  Decided to feed the curiosity and here I am. Looking forward to adding to my knowledge base.
Hi My name is Toni, I am a health care professional, I developed a passion in maintaining healthy state and physique. I have learnt that keep body flexible is really important. That's why I am draw to this programme as I want to learn more. Nice to be here :)
Kinesiological Stretching Technique Seminar Discussion / felicity & mastery systems
« Last post by tamzarian7 on September 08, 2018, 11:34:09 pm »
-   In felicity, when you do the extension, does the humeral head move forward as you go deeper in the target?
-   In mastery system of shoulders & wrist extension, what are the specific exercises for the specific muscles for wrist extension?  Im interested to know.
-What is the stretch reflex?
What is the condition exercise?

All adductors adduct, obviously. Less obvious is that all adductors flex the hip, and much less obvious is that adductor longus has a paradox. It flexes until 70, then it becomes an extensor. :)
Hi Chloe,
yes, there's a connection with the muscle that connected to an organ through a meridian, and the emotion associated to that organ, which is more or less widely known. Maybe not so much the notion of meridian, which is from Chinese medicine.
So names are not arbitrary, but we don't explain them, since people don't take seriously other medicines apart from the modern western one based on drugs most people agree with.
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