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Trigger point release, massage with stiff balls, plus the good old contract-relax technique, done in Zaichik stretching positions and movements, that's the most powerful thing you can get.
If this doesn't work, those guys are not human.

This is such great info! I am loving learning more and more about this methodology--I wish I had more time to devote to it. I will see if I can start using the strength agains the stretching to see if anyone can feel the difference. We do a little PNF and other general body weight strengthening exercises, but I think I need to incorporate the ELC program
Keep ya posted!
PS Pics coming, and I will look into the stretch 180 app. I do have Iphone!
Thank you Daniel. I need to think about your reply and how to work with these students. Happily, everyone else is seeing good progress....
I do have the ELC information but have not implemented any of it yet. I think I had better get to it!
Hello, My name is Gaye and I have always loved dancing and recently started to focus on ballet (for adults). I really would like to increase my flexibility and understanding of the muscles.  I think I found EF about two or three years ago just simply by googling flexibility.  I have bought the splits program, and have watched it several times, although I haven’t followed through with the repitition.  I recently purchased the certification program so that I could understand all the muscle groups and the theory for stretching.  I’m not a ‘youngster’ anymore and believe it’s even more important now to stretch in the safest way possible.

I would love to be able to teach flexibility as a class someday. HMMMMM maybe if other fellow students see my improvement in class, I can be an advocate of EasyFlexibility and maybe teach as well. We shall see!!  I just know I want to improve my dance skills.
Hi my name isn't Abigail and I'm a yoga instructor. I found Easy Flexibity one day when I was searching for tips to do the split. I've done the splits combo and the techniques are great for hip opening and releasing tight muscles to facilitate going into a split. The explanations were very informative. I decided to do the training g because I can definitely see the progress I've made and some of my clients can see immediate results when I use techniques in class.
I'm here to learn more about the kinesiological approach to stretching. Excited to begin this journey

Goodnight. I am Vladimir Ceballos, I live in Colombia most of the year, when I do not stay in Colombia I live in L.A. I am a software technician, I work in the pathology area of ​​the University of Valle, and I am interested in developing knowledge of kinesiological stretching since it has helped me with the recovery of a shoulder injury type SLAT III, and my interest is to give funcinality to what you learn at this event. Paul Thank you for your dedication to designing and developing this method.
Hi Daniel,
Well, as a newly certified KST instructor, I just taught my first class to 25 college students! It went very well I must say. I took them through all 12 of the forward bending exercises, which took a little over an hour with questions and giving help, etc. I had them stand and roll down the spine in parallel position to assess their "stone cold" flexibility at 10am on a Monday, Lol! I had them really think and feel their body in this stretch and try to remember/"measure" where they were at the beginning of class. Then we did the exercises and went into the same forward folding position to see if they felt and made measurable progress. They DID, and were very enthusiastic. I asked them to also see if they kept the newly found flexibility--so I will see next week!
I have two men in the class who are tall/slightly stocky, and VERY tight. One also has trouble distinguishing one thing from another (ie, goes the wrong way, does not see detail). I am particulary wondering how to approach Esteem. The half straddle position had a few folks uncomfortable: some with sitting on their one ankle (even with mat folded double/triple), and also just trying to fold forward at all from the start position. (head goes down but cannot move from hips at all).
Can you provide any suggestions? Sit on yoga block somehow? a low stool (which I have), skip it altogether?

Same guy also has trouble reaching his ankle/foot for Appeal and Harmony. Suggestions?

Hi Sue! The question about keeping your progress, if they only stretch they will lose most of it. They have to add RI, MHT and ELC. I don't recall if it was to you whom I answered what each were, but detailed explanations are here in the forum.

For people who have trouble, you'll have to spend more time explaining to them how to move, teach them how to move relatively to some other part of the body for example. And teach them what flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, rotations are, if they know the "building blocks" of movement then they'll be able to understand better what they should be doing. Much like when one learns the sounds of a language before trying to speak it putting together many sounds one after the other.

If a position is stuck, you have to use a strength modality, with reciprocal inhibition for 5 seconds at a time, or, with contract relaxed techniques for 12 seconds at least, or and "multiple leverages per target" modality. As I commented on my other answer, some muscles won't release by regular modalities.

If you'd like to learn a few dozen exercises on how to apply different modalities let me know and I can get you 50% off for the other certification course.

This is awesome Sue! And of course I'm not surprised lol

Are you following our blogs? We updated the system with ELC, RI, MHT exercises that make gains permanent, flexibility more functional, and training less painful, so they are a must. Also always use a bit of a strength modality, contracting the leverage or target for 12 seconds, 3 times on each exercise. Some people just can't progress without this modality.

Modifications for exercises, sure, whatever they can do is fine, as long as they can MOVE while in the position. One does not need to move both leverage and target, you can pick just one, the easiest move, and go from there. Building up the reps, or time holding the tension or even 5 to 10 seconds of relaxation.

The regular programs also have very useful information that will complement what you know.

Looking forward to those pictures Sue!!!

Before I forget, can you check Stretch180 on your phone? We created an app to measure angles! I know it works on Android phones, and the iPhone one does but not on old phones.

Keep us posted!
Daniel and Forum members,
I have taught KST once per week for about 1 hr at the University level, under the new title of "Flexibility and Strength Workshop". I have about 25 students of varying abilities--two VERY tight men who are struggling with positioning in certain exercises. I am helping them with modifying using blocks, straps. I would LOVE any suggestions on modifications if anyone has any:)
But I am posting to say that everyone has been getting good gains in forward, lateral and back bending! One gal came up to me after class and said, "will you look at my forward bend to see if I am doing something wrong?" I looked at her and asked her to slightly straighten her knees just a bit more, but otherwise it was fine. I asked her why she wanted me to check her, and she said with a slight quiver to her voice,"I've just never been able to touch my fingers to the floor before". She was so excited. It has be been 7 classes and only once per week and her hands were about 4" or so from the floor when she started off. Yes!!!
Other more flexible young dancers have commented on deeper splits,etc. and I am so happy with this new way of teaching!!! I love KST and cannot believe i/we have been stretching in the "standard" fashion for SO long....
I hope to have more updates as the semester continues. Maybe some pics of my class?
Has anyone read this that can reply or help out at all? Still working with these same students.
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